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A special event for our Eternal Youth Club VIP Members only.

Lunch & Learn Rewind the hands of time

A special “Lunch and Learn” event for you, our Eternal Youth Club VIP Members only.

On Thursday, November 16 at 12:00 PM, please join us for a healthy delicious catered lunch and special guest speakers to help teach you how you can rewind the hands of time and erase the signs of aging with help from your friends here at the Institute of Eternal Youth Aesthetics and Wellness.

We will have guest speaker Lindsey Hale from Galderma to talk about the collagen-stimulation benefits of Sculptra, as well as some of the favorites from Restylane family of filler products. We will also have guest speaker Alex Steiner from Alastin Skincare to talk about some of the collagen- and elastin-stimulating products that we use here for before- and after-treatment to boost your results and speed your recovery. Our owner, Jodi DeVries, APRN, CRNA, will be speaking about how adding IV Hydration and Nutrition Therapy to these treatments not only speed up your recovery time, but also greatly improve your end results.

At 1:00pm, we will have a live demonstration highlighting IV therapy, Sculptra injections, as well as application of Alastin products.

RSVP required for lunch. Please call (239)ETERNAL or Text (863)486-0276 to reserve your lunch. A delicious grilled chicken breast atop a bed of robust leafy green mixture with antioxidant-rich berries, pecans, and cheese crumbles. Vinaigrette dressing choices will be available on the side. Unsweet tea will be available, with the option to add agave syrup if desired.

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Can’t join the event live? Don’t worry, just ask and we’ll send you a link to the video of the guest speakers and demonstration.

And….. there’s more! We will be offering an EVENT ONLY SPECIAL that will be available for a short time after the event – the special will be announced at the event and included in the video. The timing will also be announced at that time so be ready, it will be a limited time offer!

We are excited to bring this educational experience to our patients. Let’s get holiday ready together!