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Hormone Treatment

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Hormone Optimization & Treatment


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) replaces hormones that have been lost due to aging, stress or other factors. This replacement can done with oral, sublingual, topical, or pellet therapy. The hormones used are bio-identical to the hormones produced by the body. Made from the highest quality botanical ingredients, the hormones are formulated to precisely match those which naturally occur in the body and contain no artificial ingredients.

Some of the most common conditions experienced by women patients who can benefit from BHRT include anxiety, depression, weight gain, fatigue and irregular sleep patterns, painful periods, osteoporosis, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, brain fog, headaches, and hair loss.

In male patients, testosterone is the primary sex hormone. It helps men produce facial/body hair, deep voices, and larger lean muscle. With age, males levels of testosterone gradually decline. Men may experience lower sperm count, decreased physical endurance, weight gain, depression, as well as lack of energy, drive, motivation, and libido.

After thorough laboratory testing and physical assessments, these hormones can only be obtained through a prescription and filled by our FDA-approved compounding pharmacies. These hormone medications are customized for you to provide fast relief of symptoms.

Stop being frustrated with over-the-counter treatments and supplements with no relief, or with providers who won’t listen to you about your body. Our Physician & Nurse Practioner (APRN) will spend time with you sorting through your concerns. We’ll then customize and prescribe an effective hormone treatment plan unique to you. 

We will monitor and adjust your treatment as needed to relieve your symptoms as quickly and as safely as possible. 

Important Patient Information


Schedule your appointment by text or phone call to 239-ETERNAL. Our regular office hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

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New patients should arrive 15-minutes early to their appointment to complete intake forms and meet one-on-one with your aesthetician.

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A cancellation with less than 24-hours notice may incur a $25 fee. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to honor your booked appointment time.

Online Consultations

We now offer virtual initial consultations to help save you time during your first treatment. We can assess your cosmetic injectable volume needs, as well as provide a cost estimate for treatment.


Our clinical practices and treatment are always provided confidentially for all customers.