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Skip CoolSculpting, Opt For Fat Dissolving Injections For More Permanent Results

coolsculpting can cause nerve damage opt for more permanent results with fat dissolving injections

Why is CoolSculpting Dangerous and NOT Going to Give You the Results You Want

This is how CoolSculpting (aka CryoLypolysis) works. Your fat is sucked between two panels. Liquid nitrogen cycles between the two panels to freeze your tissue. The reason why they’re trying to freeze your tissue is because your fat has a high affinity for cold. Unfortunately for you, so does your dermis (deep layer of the skin where collagen and elastin live), nervous system, vascular bundles, and lymphatic system. 

CoolSculpting results in tons of permanent nerve damage. There are tons of law suits out there. You can be bruised for months on end, and you can end up with skin elasticity issues. Just as important on the aesthetics side, its such a hyper-localized reaction that you can only kill the fat that can squeezed in between those two panels, so your body can be left with what’s called a “shark bite” and you can be left with paradoxical hyperplasia adipose. 

If you’re looking for a smooth, permanent, fat-dissolving option that does not damage your skin, nerves, blood vessels, and lymph system, come in for a consultation with us for our Fat Dissolving Injections. This series of local injections cause chemical lipolysis, permanent destruction, or bursting of the fat cells, aka adipocytes. The cell fragments are then collected by your body’s immune response – the macrophages “gobble” them up and destroy them. Eventually, the lymph system carries them away and they exit your body through your urinary system. 

The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. The area is numbed and cleaned, then your provider injects the solution into the area of desired fat reduction in a specific pattern. Ice can be applied for comfort. Tylenol can be taken for comfort. We recommend you increase your water intake for a week following the treatment. You can expect some redness, swelling, and tenderness in the area for 3-10 days after treatment. Treatments can be repeated every few weeks. The total number of treatments needed depends on how much fat you have in the target area, your response to the treatment, and your desired result. 

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